Subliminal Seduction Is Not Only About Hints

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Published: 25th May 2007
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The art of seduction requires time investment to be successful, but if you are in a situation that doesn't allow you to spend much time to attract the person you are interested in, you have to apply some fast techniques. Subliminal seduction comes in, when you can't use seduction techniques too openly - like, when you meet a person for the first time, and flirting is rather inappropriate. Subliminal seduction is good to be used in cases where you have a small window to flirt with someone.

If you have been thinking how to attract someone's attention all evening, and they suddenly announce that they are going, this is a great time to employ your subliminal seduction. You don't have to drop subtle hints and wait for someone to take your bait - you can be rather blunt yet use your seduction subliminally. Offer to escort the leaving person outside and simply say something like "I'm so glad to walk you about because I've been craving for your attention all evening". Such words should act as powerful seduction on subliminal level. In a non-insistent manner suggest seeing each other again in a casual setting - probably, in a coffee shop. Make your invitation light, something the person can be comfortable doing with you without knowing you very much.

Another example of how subliminal seduction works is a plain conversation with the object of your interest whom you unexpectedly met in some public place. Start discussing something and encourage the person to give their opinion. Try to find common points. Like, if you are in a deli, point out that you both have similar taste for sandwiches. Your words don't sound like flirting at all, yet they act like subliminal seduction since the person starts warming up to you. You can go a little bit further and use good food as a pretext to meet again, probably, in the same deli. Again, subliminal seduction doesn't tolerate any insistence; therefore keep your invitation light.

The key role of subliminal seduction is to attract the person on the subconscious level, without showing much of your interest, and not crossing the party's personal space. With too open seduction you can be misunderstood or thought to be pursuing hidden interests. Aggressive seduction can put off and inhibit the person you are attracted to. Besides, to flirt openly is simply not appropriate in many cases. Subliminal seduction can work fast and give you an opportunity to meet the object of your interest again - and that's when you may explore more straight seduction options.
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