Specifics of Flirting With Older Women

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Published: 24th May 2007
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Most people are positive about flirting. It is a safe way to show someone you are interested without being overt or having to leave your comfort zone. Flirting is something everyone has done at least once in their lives - either pursuing an interest or merely having fun. Flirting is a form of flattery that is almost always welcomed since it makes a person feel good about himself/herself, and boosts one's self-esteem.

Younger men flirting with older women are not rare nowadays. The first criticisms suggested that older women just wanted younger men as their "boy toys" but further research suggested the younger men would flirt with older women, as they appreciated their maturity level.

Are Older Women Different?

There is a belief that younger women are much easier to please than older women, and that may also be the case when it comes to flirting with older women. Males have reported that getting a younger woman's attention is practically effortless, but not so much the case when they are flirting with older women. Why is this? Are older women so much different? There is clearly no single answer that is scientifically based, but several assumptions and guesses have been made. First of all, flirting with older women can be quite tough and discouraging.

Often times, older women exude such a high level of confidence that it takes a younger man a lot of effort to soften her up. Secondly, older women tend to know exactly what they want, which can lead to the illusion of "pickiness". This is not exactly so though; it just means that the woman knows what she wants, and hence a person has to try a little harder to figure it out.

Another thing that sometimes shies young men away from flirting with older women is that they often feel they fail to reach the same level. Older women (especially those who have gone through a divorce or are widowed) tend to be very independent, and hence don't give off the "flirt with me" vibe. Henceforth, if a man is not on the prowl for a woman to flirt with, he may not go for the older women unless there is some sort of introduction to begin with. Another thing that sometimes men worry about when it comes to flirting with older women as opposed to younger women is that older women who are looking for companionship also want a steady relationship.

While young women tend to take dating as an exciting game and they love the constant change of the dating scene, many older women have passed this phase in their lives and look for a steady relationship. That is why flirting with older women always has the possibility of a more steady relationship, and if a young man is opposed to that he should consider looking elsewhere.
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