Seduction Science – How It Works

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Published: 25th May 2007
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Seduction is a true science which you have to learn and practice in order to be successful with the opposite sex. Understanding basic facts about seduction science is very important for both men and women. Here is some useful information about seduction science.

The only way to assure your success in seduction science is to know your partner. Generally there are many rules and regulations that apply to men and women however, when it comes to seduction most of us will have our own uniqueness that can be used to trigger our senses.

Successful seduction is impossible if the other party is not interested in you - your seduction techniques are likely to fail if applied to a wrong person. So, you have to ensure that the person you are trying to seduce feels the same way about you as you do about him or her.

Chances for successful seduction increase when it is done at the right time and place, but most importantly when your partner is in the right mood. Though some people get aroused by seduction in inappropriate and potentially dangerous places, such as the toilet of an airplane or the office where they may be caught any minute, most people will respond to seduction in private where they know they can relax and express themselves.

The basic rule of seduction science is to have the right approach. You could create a romantic atmosphere as well as use body language to indicate your partner that you are trying to seduce him or her.

Diner, a bottle of wine, candle light and the right music are all part of the seduction science; however, it is also important to apply the right technique at the right time, which is knowing what your partners enjoys and what will arouse him or her. Sometimes the only way to know something so intimate is to have open discussions with your partner in order to be able to seduce him or her successfully.

Each person is individual with his or her own inner wishes and secrets and it is up to a partner to find them out and explore them together in order to enjoy a harmonious relationship. Seduction science rules, being rather general, may work in most cases, but true seduction needs to know likes and dislikes of your partner.
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