Little Signs of Guys Flirting

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Published: 24th May 2007
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A guy starts talking to you somewhere in a public place - he seems to be nice, but you are wondering: is he just being friendly or is actually flirting? Oftentimes you can't figure out that at once. However, guy's flirting is not so hard to detect if you know what cues to look out for.

Guy's Flirting Often Enters Your Personal Space
Personal space specifically refers to 12 inches that surrounds any given person on all sides. Of course, there are some situations in which you can't help but be in someone's personal space, like if you are in a packed crowd. However, if you are in line at a coffee shop, and there are only four people in that line, no one has to be in each other's personal space.

However, if you find yourself in such a situation, and the guy right behind you is in your personal space, this is a subtle but sure indicator of guy's flirting. You see, people only get that close to someone they are attracted to, or someone that they feel comfortable being that close to.

Does Guy's Flirting Mean Starting Conversation with You?
Well, yes and no. Some guys are just naturally flirtatious, and while they will readily start a conversation with a woman that they find attractive, sometimes they just like to flirt, and that's it. Other guys are just naturally friendly, but you can tell if the guy is really flirting if he makes no mention of a significant other. Guys who are not flirting will mention that they have a significant other right away.

Guy's Flirting Gives Away Subconscious Signs
Sometimes a guy will flirt in a subconscious way. This happens especially when the guy is rather shy, and not confident enough to show interest openly. He might also not be sure if you feel the same way. Look for little signs like him lightly touching your arm during a conversation, or prolonged eye contact.

Remember, dating can be just as stressful for guys as it can be for girls. While girls are always looking for that perfect guy, guys are stressing not only about finding the perfect girl, but also about how they can make the first move.

Encourage or Decline Guy's Flirting?
If you found out that the guy is actually flirting, the question is should you encourage this flirting or politely decline it? Well, the decision is entirely up to you. Follow your heart - there is no better advice than that.
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JakeMcMurphy on September 1, 2011 said:
Because of the importance of flirting it's vital that men know how to do it right.
jauz90 on September 1, 2011 said:
Watch a mans body language, when you are in a group of people, with the one guy you think likes you, look at his shoulders, believe it or not, sub-consciously the guy will not want you to think he is ignoring you so his shoulders will be pointing at you, he may be talking to somebody else but his shoulders will be towards your direction, and then when you go to talk, he will usually immediately turn to you to listen.
Emma on September 14, 2011 said:
Every man is different, some may just be being friendly, some may be flirting because thats the kind of person they are or some might be flirting because they are genuinely attracted to you. If you are attracted to him then have a chat and see where it goes, theres no need to read into things too much.

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