How to Apply Seduction Techniques Successfully

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Published: 25th May 2007
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Out of many seduction techniques for both men and women some are very well known and proved to be effective in most cases, while others are not so much accepted, yet can be enjoyed and bring the desired results. Here are some common seduction techniques, which you may have used before and some seduction techniques that are right and will always bring appreciation if not results.

Unwritten Rule in Seduction

Whenever you are about to use a seduction technique remember what you may find appealing and always ensure that the person who you want to seduce reciprocates you feelings, otherwise you may be set for disappointment right from the beginning.

Common Seduction Techniques

A common seduction technique used by both men and women that we should not really use but unfortunately works most times is flattery. Both men and women enjoy being the center of attraction as well as praise, especially from your partner or person you admire in turn and/or love.

Another common seduction technique, which always works when applied at the right time and place, is dressing provocatively. This seduction technique is mostly to be used by women for men. Women usually do not get as aroused by visuals as men do; however, women tend to respond to sharp dressed men such as tuxedo and impeccable manners.

Things to Keep in Mind When Applying Seduction Techniques

Create a romantic atmosphere keeping in mind things that he or she enjoys and appreciates; for example, if your partner does not drink alcoholic beverages, it does not make sense to get a bottle of wine in your plan to seduce him or her. Creating the right mood is very important, as once the mind is set in the romantic mode it is more likely that your seduction techniques will be successful.

Know when to be seductive and when to hold on as it is important that your partner is in the right mood. As a general rule, which, however, may not apply to all, men tend to get aroused easier, so it is easier to seduce them when you apply the right techniques; women may need a little bit more work and part of getting there is to ensure that her mood is in the same page as yours.

The only way to develop the right seduction techniques and successfully apply them is to know your partner and that will be best for him or her. Though many general seductions suggestions seem to work well generally, your partner may not find them as appealing. So, the best seduction techniques are individual for each person and hugely depend on his or her taste.
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