For Those Who Are Wondering What the Definition of Flirting Is

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Published: 24th May 2007
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Many people enjoy flirting - that includes both single and married. Some people view flirting as a harmless pastime, while others consider flirting to be a blatant betrayal of marital vows. Therefore you might be wondering what is flirting in reality. Is it immoral or just plain fun?

Flirting per se is a harmless way of attracting the opposite sex. It brings happiness and adds a little spice to life. Opposite to what some people may think flirting does not by default end up in sex. The definition of flirting puts it in the parameters of the road to travel and not the destination. This is why most people find flirting extremely exciting - just like foreplay.

The definition of flirting may differ for various groups of people, i.e. married people, single, gays, lesbians, divorced, separated, etc., but there are a few basic rules that could be applied to any kind of flirting.

1. Flirting should never be vulgar, otherwise it ceases to be enjoyable as it cheapens both the person who initiates and the person targeted.

2. As per the definition of flirting, seduction should be subtle and enjoyable. If it is too aggressive, it starts resembling a pick-up method, and if it is too light, you lose interest

3. Flirting often happens at parties where alcohol is served and consumed. This makes the actions reckless and carefree, which adds to the heady feeling that flirting gives. Often, the actual enjoyment comes from behaving recklessly, from letting yourself go and from allowing yourself to have fun.

4. There are no limits to where flirting can take place - be it the workplace, college, at hospital, school, whatever. The definition of flirting states that this is a method of subtle seduction - hence, it can happen any place where a minimum of two people exist.

5. The definition of flirting also says that it is mostly a harmless pastime and rarely develops into a full-fledged affair. Flirting is synonymous with fun; it rarely goes beyond because all the fun is in the preliminary stages. It is great to feel wanted - it makes you feel good about yourself, raises your self-esteem, and usually you want that feeling to last forever.

In short, the definition of flirting can be done in two words - fun and frolic. Flirting knows no age - you could be 16 years old or 61 - and enjoy the fun of flirting thoroughly. As long as it does not harm or hurt the other person, flirting has its full right to exist and is a good way to add some spice into one's life.

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