Flirting Woman – Watch for Tiny Cues

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Published: 24th May 2007
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A flirting woman usually uses a wide repertoire of flirting techniques that are subtle and sometimes hard to recognize. Long and seductive stares or lots of smiles, or exaggerated laughter are some cues a flirting woman may give to the object of her interest. One more sign of flirting is excessive conversations which may indicate her flirtatiousness by the choice of her words, or body language use.

Women Are Not As Forthright As Men

While a man may be more forthright in his flirtations, the woman is generally a lot more subtle. Hence, it is not always easy to detect the physical cues, which are less than obvious, mostly. Also, men are not accustomed to receiving a lot of attention from women; so a flirting woman would be somewhat harder to detect.

A flirting woman will generally send a lot of tiny cues, indicating her interest, but she will not make the first move. In case she does, it is an obvious sign that she is more than just interested. This may not lead to a woman coming right out and begging for attention as a majority of women would not place them in such a position. The clearest signal a flirting woman would give is that of an extended look or by staring. While in some countries staring is considered to be offensive, it is a powerful flirting technique for women, and actually men love it! Extended looks are very appealing for a majority of males, as they feel that a female finds them worth extra attention, and it is extremely flattering to them.

A flirting woman may also try and get physically close to the man she is flirting with and let him know she is flirting with him. This may occur during walks, while sitting or having a standing conversation. However, her body language may not always be sexually suggestive enough to draw conclusions about her intentions, though some signs of flirtatious behavior are tilting the head while talking, holding her hands behind her back when talking, and touching the man's clothes or person while talking.

A flirting woman is normally only engaging in harmless behavior. If she wants a more than friendly relationship, she will let the man know about it more explicitly. However, men tend to misinterpret a woman's friendly behavior and perceive it to be flirting when actually it is not. In such a case they should understand that a friendly woman does not necessarily mean a flirting woman.
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