Flirting Techniques for Women – When Words Are Not Needed

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Published: 24th May 2007
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Flirting is indeed an art, but actually anybody can learn it! Flirting, i.e. basically attracting an opposite sex can be done to just have fun, or to get a sexual partner. Either way, mastering flirting techniques is necessary to enjoy the exciting game of seduction. Flirting techniques may be used verbally or non-verbally, online or through letters, and so on. Depending upon what circumstances you find yourself in, you can choose whichever way suits you best.

Among all the flirting techniques, the non-verbal type is the most gratifying of all. Non-verbal flirting techniques are often used by women. This is because flirting techniques for women are supposed to be as subtle as possible.

If you flirt with the right person who seems to be responding to you, flirting techniques come to you naturally, and you don't even have to put any efforts to it - sparks will fly in any way. Even if you do not have one particular partner to flirt with, you can still make sparks fly by behaving at your flirtatious best. Remember: flirting is all about feeling great and having fun!

One of the most frequently applied flirting techniques for women is the inviting gaze - men cannot resist an open invitation. When you want to capture their attention, speak in normal tones, but put the 'come-on' look in your eyes. Let him connect with your eyes and know that you are inviting him to come on, at the same time, maintain your conversational tone and subject. This blow cold, blow hot flirting technique for women can create a wonderful feeling and the beginning of a wonderful evening.

The mirroring behavior is another trusted flirting technique for women - imitation is the best form of flattery. This flirting technique for women can work best when the flirting has been underway for sometime. If it is done too early, it will tend to irritate rather then attract. This should be done after warming up a while and receiving positive vibes from your proposed partner.

A gaze sliding over him appreciatively and then moving away is a sure-fire flirting technique for women. Come back after 10-15 seconds and gaze admiringly again. This time meet his eyes but do not hold the gaze; just slide over. Come back again after a sweeping glance in the room, and this time hold the gaze for a few seconds and connect. Men rarely can resist starting a conversation after this type of treatment.

There are many non-verbal flirting techniques for women, and you can choose ones that work best for you. With little practice you will feel how to do it instinctively. To attract the opposite sex without saying a word is a kind of art, which every woman should know.

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