Flirting: Fun within Limits

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Published: 24th May 2007
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Flirting is a great fun first of all; besides it is a very important and unique aspect of human interaction - universal and essential to relationships. Flirting has been there since Adam and Eve's time and is present in any culture, nationality, society - all around the world. It is simply in human nature and it forms the core of interactions between the sexes.

According to some evolutionary psychologists flirting is the foundation of all civilization as is known to us today. With superior intelligence, the human race makes use of its large-sized brain in combining with complex language to distinguish itself from the animal kingdom and can be thought of as being a device used to promote courtship. Much like the tail of a peacock, flirting tries to attract as well as retain partners in sex, which is consciously or subconsciously every human's ultimate aim.

All human activity has its unwritten laws of etiquette, including flirting: these rules may guide where, when and with who to flirt as well as the manner in which flirting has to be done. We all follow these unwritten rules, even unconsciously. Flirting with the wrong person or at inappropriate places is usually viewed by people as breach of etiquette.

Flirting also involves understanding the cues in the partner's body language. Understanding female overtures is quite a complex task and very often friendliness may be mistaken for sexual interest. It also is not considered acceptable in many Puritanical societies, so this results in a fear of giving off the wrong signals and thus impede their natural playful and often, harmless flirtation capabilities. This has led to need for adequate social research into the phenomena so as to be better able to deal with its ramifications.

The most appropriate places for flirting are generally parties and other similar informal occasions. Celebrations and social functions and gatherings also lead to a lot of flirting, which in this case is considered to be very natural and is expected to happen. However, it should not be taken as an excuse to abandon all norms of acceptable social behavior. Everyone involved in flirting must still adhere to social etiquette and know the limits of 'letting the hair down'.

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