Body Language and Flirting Signs

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Published: 24th May 2007
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Things done subconsciously play the key role in man-woman relationship and often are the determining factor in how they perceive each other. First impression is the strongest and most long lasting - experts say it only takes little less than two to four minutes to arrive at a decision whether one likes a person or not. Body language is hugely responsible for all impressions we make on other people. For this reason body language and flirting are absolutely inseparable from each other.

The way somebody walks or stands may leave a great impression on other person. People tend to make snap judgments about others, so body language and flirting can be interwoven intricately. Since the body does the talking and also the flirting, one may be able to judge whether a person is flirting or not by studying these signs.

Understanding body language is not so simple, and it should not be judged by only one thing. One should not jump into conclusions too fast. There are certain signals given off by a person, and knowing these body language and flirting signs, one may be able to judge whether someone is flirting or not. The first signal one should look at is the flirting triangle or when people that are not too well known to each other, move their eyes in a zigzag motion. The body language in a flirtatious situation will see the eyes widening at the bottom to include the body as well as the face. Intense flirting will often result in eye to eye contact as well as looking long and hard at the mouth.

Mirroring a person's behavior is another body language and flirting sign that means that there is quite a bit of attraction involved, since it implies being at the same level of attraction. One more body language and flirting sign is when someone raises their eyebrows and lets them fall. If a person is flirting, he or she would also raise the eyebrows in return. Be sure to catch this sign as it usually is only fleeting, lasting a bare fifth of a second!

Another body language and flirting signal indicating that one person is attracted to another is their body pointing in the direction of the person to whom they are attracted. Pointing one's body in the direction of another is a subtle way of communicating strong attraction, and the other person may take the hint. Blinking is one more body language and flirting sign: if a person likes another, he or she will generally try to match the other's blink rate and keep in sync with it, which is both fun as well as increases the attraction for the other.

However, one should never jump into conclusions or misinterpret body language and flirting signs. The best thing to do in order to avoid mistakes is to look for grouped behavior patterns which together add up to being a signal that a person is indeed attracted and is actually flirting.

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